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A-24 Self-Propelled Field Gun
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Designer Nucleana Royal Armored Corps
Role Heavy Siege Artillery
Weight 24 tons
Armor 50/30/20mm RHA with 15mm on top
Primary Armament 155mm ROQF 60-pounder Siege Howitzer
Secondary Armament Boiling water, I guess?
Powerplant 2x 6.5-Liter I6 Diesels
Top Speed 37km/h

Not to be confused with the Nucleana M-24 Self-propelled Heavy Siege Mortar.


The A-24 Self-Propelled Field Gun was a development by the Nucleana Royal Armored Corps vehicle development committee after the first great war proved the usefulness of heavy artillery fire. Constructed on the chassis of the Nucleana T-20 Medium, The A-24 does away with the 15-pounder field gun and 12.7mm Hiram AT repeater, instead replacing them with a single 155mm ROQF 60-pounder Siege Howitzer in a thinly-armored turret with limited traverse. It shares the hull armor of the T-20 Medium, though does away with the anti-armor capabilities in favor of the plunging fire and high explosive capabilities gained from the massive six-inch gun.


After finding themselves lacking in Self-propelled artillery, The Nucleana RACVDC commissioned construction of the A-24, which fills the role nicely. As with any self-propelled artillery, the A-24 is best hanging back behind the front lines, ready to move up with the rest of the forces to provide heavy fire support to the infantry and light tanks of Nucleana's Armies. Firing a large High Explosive payload, it devastates trenches and obliterates fixed positions with ease, as well as being able to give tanks unlucky enough to get caught in the blast a very bad time.



  • Decent top speed and mobility for a Self-Propelled Artillery
  • Extremely good High Explosive payload
  • Decent hull armor
  • Boiling vessel, once again, comes standard


  • Extremely vulnerable to overhead fire due to being open-topped
  • Very limited gun traverse arc
  • Little anti-infantry protection
  • Slow reload on the gun and limited ammunition