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The NS-5/1 tank is the first attempt of creating a universal tank, wich could be refitted to fulfill special tasks in special surroundings. Because of its big crew compartment it can store lots of ammo wich makes it a tactically good choice for long battles.


The tank is weighting 62 tonnes, and its powered by a 810hp 23L 12 Cylinder Petrol Engine wich is giving the tank a relatively bad power to weight ratio of only 13 hp/ton.


The armor protection of the NS-5/1 is pretty decent. The hull of the tank is completely made of RHA, this is giving the tank extra durability against hits. The turret on the other hand is made of casted steel armor.


The NS-5/1 is armed whit a 100mm high velocity cannon with good ballistic performance. It can engage targets from mid to long range accuratly. Its also fitted whit a 7.62mm coaxial mounted ranging machinegun.

The 100mm main gun


Range Penetration
0m 198mm RHA
300m 172mm RHA
800m 131mm RHA