Molniya Defense Plant
Founded 2017
Origin Soviet Union
Founded, Lore 1949
Industry Defense
Employees 2


Molniya Company (Molniya Defense Plant) was created by Roamer in 2017, assigned as the manufacturer to any eastern-bloc vehicle he builds. Helicopters, tanks, and trucks are all added under this company's list.


  • ZA-10 Attack/Carrier Series


  •  Warrior MBT


  • TGT 301 Short-bed 4x4
  • TGT 511 Flat-bed 6x6

Weapon Systems:

  • AA20 20mm Autocannon Anti-Air System
  • RA3 Rocket Artillery System


Molniya Defense Plant is a government subsidized manufacturer, producing vehicles for the Soviet Union (now Russian Federation) and its allies. Its history starts in 1949; the start of the cold war arms race pressured the Soviet government to take control of industries and fund them for the war effort. Molniya Defense Plant was a simple factory for automobiles, but repurposed to produce military arms and vehicles. Still under control of the Russian Government today, Molniya continues to pump out vehicles for the Russian Federation.

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