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Medium Tank 16 "Mejor"

Designer: SP National Factories & Manufactures.

Theme: WW2

Role: Medium Tank, Infantry Support

Weight: 21 tonnes

Armor: 38 - 12

Power Plant: 3100cc V-Twin Petrol SP Engine

Armament: x1 45mm Semiautomatic Cannon, x1 14.5mm Machine Gun


For the new army medium tank, a weight of less than 20 tons was requested in principle, a 20mm gun and a 14.5mm machine gun were seen as sufficient armament to cope with any enemy. In reality the gun left a lot to be desired in terms of anti-tank capability, so it was decided to replace it with a 45mm semi-automatic gun which was very effective against any tank of the time at medium range. It also had very useful HE shells for engaging fortifications and supporting the infantry.

Combat reports from the crews were very appreciative of the change of main gun as it was adequate to pierce the enemy tanks and with the previous 20mm it would have been impossible.

Prototipe version, notice the diferent suspension and the 20mm canon.