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Tanquete I (2).png

Designer: SP National Factories & Manufactures.

Theme: World War 2

Role: Tankette

Weight: 4 tonnes

Armor: 15 - 6

Power Plant: 1200cc V-Twin Petrol Tractor engine Armament: x1 37mm Short Canon


Based on the chassis of the Tankette 1, the light tank 1 "Clip" was the first turret vehicle produced and designed by the republic. To form what would become the country's first armoured battalions, these battalions would be made up of "Clips" and a few Tankette 1's until the construction of a decent tank could be produced. They would form part of the first line of defence of the nation in case the other countries tried to crush the new revolutionary government.

The vehicle was tremendously slow and underpowered, the gun was taken from a very old artillery model from before the First World War, the only thing that made the tank worthwhile.The lack of a machine gun was due to the fact that what little machine gun production there was was intended only for the soldiers of the army.