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Light Main Battle Tank 1 "Laton" in gm_genesis

Designer: SP National Factories & Manufactures.

Theme: Cold War

Role: MBT, Light Tank.

Weight: 30 tonnes

Armor: 80-12

Power Plant: 5.4 L Flat 6 Multifuel SP Engine

Armament: x1 100mm Cannon, x1 20mm Heavy Machine Gun, x4 Somoke Lunchers.


The development of this tank was prompted by the need to create a simpler, more practical, mobile and versatile vehicle to complement military actions instead of using the expensive MBT "Trabajo", so a prototype of a light tank with good power and mobility and with the highest possible armament weight of around 30-35 tonnes was requested from the manufacturers.The tank was originally intended to be armed with a 105mm howitzer to give it versatility on the battlefield, but in the end the 100mm long gun was chosen for its excellent ballistics. Despite its limited armour in comparison to its big brother, the good angles it has allow the frontal shots to be deflected, making it frontally invulnerable to low calibre guns. Thanks to its 20mm heavy machine gun, it is able to respond very quickly against light vehicles without even having to use its main weapon.

Prototipe Variants.[]

The good mobility of the vehicle in general made it think that it would be a good idea to turn it into a universal platform to perform other treasures, also it was proposed to change the main armament for a GLAMS launcher weapon, but the unreliability shown in tests of these dismissed the idea.

Prototipe of the Light Main Battle Tank 1 "Laton" with a 140mm Gun/Launcher, notice the new turret and the GLAM misile in the top right corner.