Leviathan P313 "Héron"
Manufacturer Leviathan-Automobile
Designer Admiral Leviathan
Class One-seat prototype sports car
Production 1966
Weight 1358kg / 1.4 Tons
Layout M/AWD
Powerplant 3.0L V12 Special
Top Speed 95 MPH

The Leviathan P313, also referred to as the P313 Héron, or simply as P313, is a one-seat Le Mans Prototype built by the French automaker Leviathan-Automobile. It shares the same chassis as the F416, C215 and P215.

Build InformationEdit

The first revision of the P313 was completed on the 13th of March, 2015. It was the result of experimentation with the P215 MKII chassis. The goal of the experiment was to successfully transplant a V12 powerplant onto the C215 frame, while maintaining optimum track performance. Due to its low weight and powerful engine, the P313 is capable of speeds as high as 95 MPH, although it doesn't routinely travel these speeds on a track.

Aided by an 4WD system and a fin producing downforce over the front wheels, the car is very controllable at high speeds and comfortably oversteers. Despite this, it saw very little competitive action due to its handling quirks being difficult to handle in high latency enviroments.

Design InformationEdit

The car is based off of the Ferrari P racecars, particularly the P330 P4 and the 312P.


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