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Leviathan F416 "Constancia"
Manufacturer Leviathan-Automobile
Designer Admiral Leviathan
Class One-seat Formula 1 Car
Production 1967
Weight 1277kg / 1.4 Tons
Layout M/AWD
Powerplant 3.0L V12 Special
Top Speed 101 MPH

The Leviathan F416, also known as the Leviathan F416 Constancia or simply as the F416 is a one-seat, V12-Powered Formula 1 Car built by French automaker Leviathan-Automobile. It shares the same chassis as the C215, P313, and the P215.

Build Information[]

The F416 was completed on the 16th of April 2015. Once again using the C215 chassis, the F416 re-uses the Special V12 and over-and-under gearbox layout from the P313. The chassis was once again lightened, allowing the car to reach straightline speeds in excess of 100 MPH. The gearing, however, is set up for breakneck acceleration as opposed to top speed, so the car does not reach these speeds in its stock layout.

Like the P313, the car uses an AWD system to aid in control. Unlike the P313, however, the front fin has been made less efficient to reduce the problematic oversteer demonstrated by the prototype. Overall, the car controls like a quick accelerating, more stable P313. Its effectiveness against other cars of a similar type has yet to be seen.


Design Information[]

The F416 is a ripoff of the Ferrari 312.