Leviathan C215 "Mouette"
Manufacturer Leviathan-Automobile
Designer Admiral Leviathan
Class Two-seat Grand Touring Coupe
Production 1958-1960
Weight 1965kg / 2 Tons
Layout FR
Powerplant 3.8L Inline-6 Special
Top Speed 73 MPH

The Leviathan C215, also known as the C215 GT or the C215 Mouette, is a two-seat, Grand-Touring Coupe built by French automaker Leviathan-Automobile.

Build InformationEdit

The C215 was completed on February 15th, 2015 after very little testing. This vehicle was designed as a relaxed, easy to handle classic car that was intended to look better than it performed. Until the introduction of the Leviathan P215, this vehicle appeared very often on various online servers. It has not competed in any race events.

It is powered by the same ACF Special I6 that powered the Genesis MKI, which is linked to a 4-speed straight gearbox. Due to its tall gearing, the car accelerates very poorly, although it does benefit from a high top speed and good control despite its FR layout. Even though it weighs more than the Genesis and has taller gears, the C215 outperforms the Genesis in every aspect.

Since the engine is very slow to rev, it is practically impossible to drive the car dangerously. This does not mean the C215 is unsuitable for racing, however. Replacing the gearbox with a 6-speed and lowering the weight makes the car reasonably competitive.


One variation of the C215, the RC215, was a modified version intended for competitive racing. It was made 100kg lighter, given a 6-speed gearbox, and freed of some unnecessary detail parts. Oddly enough, its top speed was lowered to 67 MPH, but this is traded for more usable gears and a quicker acceleration.

It became obsolete mere days after its completion due to the introduction of the P215.

Design InformationEdit

The design of the C215 is inspired mainly by the Mercedes 300SL, and the Ferrari 250 GTO. It almost appears to be a copy of the Ferrari 250 Lusso, although this is not intentional.


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