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Leviathan C118 "Perchiste"
Manufacturer Leviathan-Automobile
Designer Admiral Leviathan
Class Two-Seat Coupe
Production 1978-1985
Weight 987kg / 1 Ton
Layout F/AWD
Powerplant 1.9L I4 Special
Top Speed 81 MPH

The Leviathan C118, also known as the C118 Perchiste or simply as the C118 is a two-seat coupe built by automaker Leviathan-Automobile. Built and tuned specifically for the second Gmod National Rally, the C118 is a capable and effective rally car.

Build Information[]

The C118 was built and completed on the 18th of October 2015, shortly after the announcement of the 2nd GNR event. Initially conceived as a front-wheel drive car, the C118 prototypes were equipped with 4WD as an afterthought. This, coupled with improved weight saving techniques, transmission tunes and overall better design led to the vehicle's change in status from a simple enthusiast-level car to a fully-fledged Group IV rally car.

The C118 is a very fast accelerating car, possessing a 0-60 time twice as fast as is closest sibling, the Kukri. In corners, the C118 will understeer unless driven hard, using the handbrake or flicking the car. When driven conservatively, the C118 is a stable and forgiving car to drive, however more experienced drivers can abuse its handling quirks to take corners fast.

The final revision entered the GNR officially on the 24th of October and finished the Redrock course with a time of 3:53, having one crash resulting in no penalties.

An experimental Group B-esque C118 boasting even faster acceleration and a higher top speed is in development, but is unlikely to race in any event.


Design Information[]

The C118 primarily takes its inspiration from the Opel Kadett C, although parts of it are based on other cars from the era such as the Ford Escort MkII and the Fiat 131 Abarth.