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Lancia Delta
Manufacturer Lancia
Designer Admiral Leviathan
Class Five-seat hatchback
Production 1979-1999
Weight 1240kg / 1.3 Tons
Layout F/AWD
Powerplant 1.4L I4 Special
Top Speed 73 MPH

The Lancia Delta is a Four-door, Five-seat luxury family car produced by the Italian company Lancia.

Build Information[]

The first revision of the Delta was completed on the 29th of February, 2015. A few days later, on the 3rd of March, the street-going non-rally Delta was also completed. This street-legal version of the Delta is a homologated version of the Group A rally car. The two cars in-game are identical in terms of performance, except for the stiffer suspension and added seats on the road car.

Delta (Road Car) Gallery[]

Delta HF Evoluzione[]

The first version of the Delta completed, the Delta HF Evo is the famous Delta which participated in Group A rally events during the 90's. The car uses the rally standard 1.4L I4 Special engine; delivering power to all four wheels. Thanks to the very short gearing and AWD, the Delta sports incredibly fast accelerations and launches on dirt. This, combined with the car's even weight distribution and wide chassis, makes the car a perfect candidate for rally.

Delta HF Evoluzione Gallery[]

Design Information[]

Making its debut in 1979, the Lancia Delta originated as a small, 4WD family car. The production model cars sold well in the European market, while modified HF cars dominated the Group B rallies in the mid 80's and the Group A rallies of the 90's. The specific model shown here is the HF Integrale Evoluzione from 1993.

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