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TC-27 "Cormorant"
Designer Admiral Leviathan
Role Cargo Plane
Weight Negligible
Armor Negligible
Primary Armament None
Secondary Armament Bombs (Optional)
Powerplant Expression 2
Top Speed 100 MPH Level

The TC-27 Cormorant is a four-engine cargo plane designed by Leviathan-Automobile Aero-Division.

Although it carries no offensive armament, this aircraft's large interior can be used to store ammo crates and fuel containers for on-ground or precarious in-flight refueling/rearming. It can carry bombs, but the Cormorant's size and turning radius make level bombing difficult, if not impossible.

An Airborne Warning And Control System (AWACS) version, the EC-27 "Evening Star", is currently operating with the LERAF in a limited role, alongside the transport version. The Evening Star carries some radar equipment, although it has limited practical use.


Design Information[]

The Cormorant is based off of the C-97 Stratofreighter.