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GAL7 "Duster"
Designer Admiral Leviathan
Role Ground Attack
Weight Negligible
Armor Negligible
Primary Armament x4 20mm Cannon
Secondary Armament x6 Unguided Rockets, x2 250kg Bombs
Powerplant Expression 2
Top Speed 125 MPH Level

The GAL7 Duster is a single-engine, single-seat ground attack aircraft designed by Leviathan-Automobile Aero-Division.

The GAL7, or Ground-Attack, Light, Model 7, is a dedicated ground attack air platform flown by the LERAF. The first aircraft built from the ground up with ACF guns as standard since the Sparrow, the Duster benefits from better construction methods and weapon balancing, fully replacing the 70mm-rocket armed Sparrows in the LERAF's ground attack role.

The design has proved to be incredibly effective against most tanks armored up to 60 tons, but has shown to be ineffective against heavier vehicles, ships, or emplacements. The versatility of the Duster's airframe, as well as the multiple hardpoints on the wings, allow the aircraft to carry a variety of armament to deal with many different threats.

Even though the GAL7 is expected to serve for many more months, an experimental upgrade to the Duster was attempted; the GAL8 "Starduster", which uses a Turboprop engine instead of a piston engine, and has redesigned wings and control surfaces. Although this improved the Duster's performance, the project fell through.


Design Information[]

The GAL7 is a ripoff of the Douglas A1 Skyraider.