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FL4 "Skychariot"
Designer Admiral Leviathan
Role Jet Fighter - Interceptor
Weight Negligible
Armor Negligible
Primary Armament x4 AIM-9 Missiles
Secondary Armament x6 .50 Cal MG
Powerplant Expression 2
Top Speed 177 MPH Level

The FL4 Skychariot was a twin-engine, two seat jet fighter designed by Leviathan-Automobile Aero-Division.

The FL4, or Fighter, Light, Model 4, was the fourth dedicated jet fighter design produced by LAAD. Following the disastrous results of the experimental FL2 and FVB3 Programs, the FL4 was designed as a dedicated jet fighter specializing in air-to-air roles, intended to be competitive against extremely agile aircraft.

Although more heavily armed, faster and better constructed than the FL1 Sparrow, the FL4 was larger, heavier and less maneuverable than the aircraft it was intended to replace. Combined with these flaws, the FL4's usage of then-unproven and unreliable air-to-air missiles severely limited its dogfight performance. These teething troubles limited the plane's deployment in combat and ultimately doomed the project.

Considering the goals of the FL4 program, the Skychariot is seen as a failure. The aircraft achieved only a few combat victories and reached an early retirement. The roles the FL4 was intended to fill were then replaced by foreign-built F-15's and MiG-21s, and later extended-lifetime FL1s; the very aircraft it was designed to replace.


Design Information[]

The FL4 is based off of the Avro Canuck