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Heavy Tank 2 "Joselin"

Designer: SP National Factories & Manufactures.

Theme: WW2

Role: Heavy Tank, Breaktrough Tank

Weight: 49 tonnes

Armor: 90 - 12 (+ 20mm space armor)

Power Plant: 5.0 Flat 6 Petrol SP Engine

Armament: x1 100mm Short Cannon, x1 7.62mm Machine Gun


The need for a vehicle capable of withstanding any threat was realised with the introduction of the second heavy tank prototype, based on early Soviet experience and the ingenious addition of spaced armour to make it less vulnerable to hollow-charge shells made the "Joselin" a real spearhead for the army.

Despite its good firepower and firepower, it is extremely slow and difficult to manoeuvre, which makes it a liability for manoeuvres that require a certain amount of speed.