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Two heavy tank 24 "Minino" in gm_genesis

Designer: SP National Factories & Manufactures.

Theme: Cold War

Role: Tank Destroyer, Heavy Tank.

Weight: 52 tonnes

Armor: Composite

Power Plant: 23.0 L V12 Petrol SP Engine

Armament: x1 120mm Autoloader Cannon, x2 12.7mm Machine Gun, x8 ATGMS.


The advent of the new heavy tanks of the Separate States made it a necessity to have a heavy vehicle with large armament and overwhelming firepower. Thus the Heavy Tank 20 series project was born. The aim was to make a heavy tank of around 50-55 tons capable of resisting 120mm gunfire at medium range and with high survivability. This last requirement meant that the tank had a very odd layout, the crew and ammunition would be in the rear, the engine in the middle and the fuel in front, and the turret would be unmanned. The first chassis was low profile, for a smaller and harder to hit target, but seeing the need for a large chassis to fulfil its purpose it was quickly discarded. Instead, a large chassis with armour ranging from 100mm to 40mm thick was developed.

One of the main problems was the decision on the choice of weapon, the choice between a new 120mm gun with autoloader or a 155mm howitzer. Both were promising, so two versions were made, 1 with the 155mm howitzer and 2 with the 120mm gun. In the end 8 ATGMs would be added and the turret of version 2 would be modified, version 1 would be out of service.

The vehicle proved to be extremely tough and survivable, and some of them were able to continue in the fight with their entire front end destroyed. To this day it is still one of the key pieces of the republic's army.