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HB/A-1 Valkyrie
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Designer Nucleana Aerocraft with cooperation from Hawker-Siddeley Aviation
Role Heavy Bomber/Attacker
Weight 42,000kg fully loaded, 18,000kg empty
Armor 20mm crew compartment
Primary Armament 2x M1 40mm Autocannons - 80 rounds per gun
Secondary Armament 5,000kg of conventional or nuclear explosives
Powerplant 4 1/2x Bristol Olympus jet turbines
Top Speed Never-exceed Mach 3.0, Cruise 800km/h


The Heavy Bomber/Attacker 1, commonly known as the Valkyrie, is Nucleana's primary workhorse in the atomic age, carrying a respectable nuclear or conventional payload of up to 5000kg and twin M1 40mm cannons either side of the cockpit. Sporting four license-built Bristol Olympus turbines as well as a pared-down singular one located just behind the cockpit to allow for vertical take-offs and landings, the Valkyrie can easily achieve supersonic velocities, arguably a necessity for evading the large explosions from the commonly-deployed half-kiloton 'Little Filly' tactical warheads.


In direct response to the growing fears of Russian aggression and proliferation of nuclear arms in the years following the second world war, and to fill a quite embarrassing gap in her air force's fast attack bomber wing, the Nucleana Royal Air Force devised the creation of a jet bomber based upon Great Britain's own Avro Vulcan. Through trade agreements and some slight mention of how their previous communist-friendly policies led to the creation of the MiG-15, Nucleana was able to gain vast information in regards to the construction of delta-wing bombers, as well as a glimpse at the up-and-coming ideas of vertical take-off and landing aircraft. Born through the extensive work of Nucleana engineers, the first XB/A-1 took flight in 1955, being accepted into service and placed out among every suitable air base of Nucleana by early 1957.

Carrying 5 tons of bombs and packing two 40mm autocannons for offensive armament, the Valkyrie relies upon it's speed and maneuverability to avoid ground fire and missiles, capable of flying at both extremely high altitudes or nap-of-the-earth with ease. The Valkyrie has yet to see combat, though the aircraft has been used to carry Nucleana's atomic weapons for testing purposes, most notably in the 'Egghead' and 'Apple' test series.


Propelled by the same engines as the Avro Vulcan at half the total loaded weight, the Valkyrie is entirely capable of reaching supersonic speeds, with mach 2.0+ being well within it's reach in level flight. The delta-wing design makes the Valkyrie an extremely nimble aircraft for her size, while the VTOL capabilities allow her to circle-strafe a target while raining down 40mm high explosive shells. Agile, speedy, and carrying a deadly payload, the Valkyrie is a deadly opponent against most all vehicles that would conceivably face her.