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The H.M.I. 2015 brand logo, the UN flag stands for it's main contractor and the Netherlands stand for it's place of origin.


H.M.I, (Formerly known as J.A. (Jakeake.Armoured.) ) is a large military company that specializes in the production, improvement and advice on Armoured vehicles. Their main product lines consist of tanks from various classes. Tankettes to heavy tanks. In some cases it is known that they produce static weapons.


H.M.I. was founded in 1938, when Rob Snijdenman and Jeffery Honker founded their first tank, the ZA-2. Their engineering garage was located in the Netherlands, Amsterdam where they created the ZA-2 and patented it. 8 months later, Germany held a light-tank program where they would select a light tank to be put into service by the German army. Rob and Jeffery entered their ZA-2(U) and won the trials due to the ZA-2U's extremely light frame and sillouete, combined with a relatively fast engine. Germany placed a order of 22.000 units which Rob and Jeffery responded with creating the H.M.I. and hired a large industrial area located in Utrecht with alot of workers to meet the requested units.

During the war in 1940, the German army did trials yet again for a heavy tank, which H.M.I. submitted their KG-1 tank. The tank lost the trials due to it's extremely complex mechanical parts and a under-scoring cannon. However Italy and Iraq saw potential in the tank and ordered combined of 2.000 units. (1.110 unit to Italy and 890 units to Iraq). Saving the company a large financial waste.