how much soldiers did it hold

6 soldiers

was it good

yes this vehicle was good it was used really much and it was cheap

Current operators[edit | edit source]

mahama 84

tihnsuu 422

free huntu 9 231

there were no varients of the vehicle made olny 1 mortal version what was a fail 

and olny 1 was ever made what was scraped

how much was made? 

over 50.000

what bullets did it stop

50 cal . ak 47. anti tank . 3 anti tank mines and anti tank rifles

. why is this not in tank list?

this tank dosent have a gun and it has fire and police versions

. i made this short cuz i needed to go to sleep and i did not have time

and thanks for watching and goodbye

news: there was made a upgrade of this vehicle what is found here

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