• inside the tank
  • greenlander t 962 in akriva independents war
this tank was made in 1946 . this tank wasment to be a training tank but when the war started then a tank was needed so they started to build this tank. this tank costed 5.973$ to make

how good it was in battle?

bad. the tank had really bad armour the tank was not good and the tank was really outdated . the tank had a underpowerd engine what made the tank stuck in mud sand . the enemy used old PzKpfw III what just destroyed the greenlander t 962 whit just a one shot and it got even worse when the enemy had t 34s

what contrys used the greenlander t 962?

motorovia: 654 models


greenland:2 (olny for training)

Tank 4

destroyed greenlander t 962

varieties motorovia armourd car version
Tank 5

motorovia armourd car varient

akriva bill box version
Tank 6

akriva pill box version

how was it used?

it was used as a assault gun but it was not meant so it peformed really badly 

where ws it used?

in greencity wars . akriva independents war. black forest war.

thank u for looking it and this is my first ever fandom post so it will look bad but i tryed my best 

how did u make it? look the yt vid so u know how to download it and good bye
Garry's Mod ACF Install Armored Combat Framework ZIP Download

Garry's Mod ACF Install Armored Combat Framework ZIP Download

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