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J.A. GH-70[]

The GH-70 is an Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) and designed to mainly support infantry and in certain occasions transport them. The GH-70 is a rather tall-looking vehicle with a green paint scheme.

GH-70 standing ready
GH-70 standing ready
Designer J.A.
Role Infantry Fighting Vehicle.
Weight 25T
Armor Hull 60(+40)/55/50 Turret 45/45/50
Primary Armament 45mm Semiautomatic Cannon
Secondary Armament 7.62mm Coaxial Machine Gun.
Powerplant 4x 6.5L I6 Diesel engines (840 RPM Aprox.)
Top Speed 45 KPH On-road 25 KPH Off-road


J.A. wanted to bring variety in its line of products, so they started to design the second more capable IFV than the FmZ-50 that was classified as an APC then an IFV. The IFV they wanted to design needed to mainly fulfill its role in mobility and firepower along with a good assault design chassis. And after a while of tests and adjustments. The GH-70 was created.


The GH-70 is a green painted, 6 wheel tracked IFV. It features a well angled turret front and the hull would be less-angled.


The GH-70 is generally a well-build IFV that can come up with its name. Its mobility and firepower makes a perfect vehicle for rapid assaults. Its front-hull features a multi-layered armour inside that is designed to defeat any incoming rounds or decrease their impact greatly. The ammo storage and engines are all placed at the back so using the vehicles frontal for assaults would be a wise move. It's 45mm Semiautomatic cannon gives a good punch to light-armoured vehicles and infantry. Its armour is also well resistant from any small-arms fire to even automatic calibre cannons and small-calibre tank guns.


The GH-70 main disadvantage lies in its main armament; 45mm Semi-automatic cannon. The 45mm has a clip size of 5 rounds before it has to go through a 5-second reload. offering low-rate fire of 89 rounds per minute. The main armament has also a 10-degree elevation so it's unable to attack any low-flying helicopters or tall buildings.

Production History[]

The GH-70 was produced in large numbers (9000 Units). Only featuring two models before getting quickly replaced by the GH-80

GH-70, Original model featuring it's 45mm Semiautomatic cannon and four 6.5L I6 Diesel engines.

GH-70A, Features a 40mm Autocannon with raised elevation (15 degrees) to engage low-flying helicopters


GH-70 Side view

GH-70 Back view

GH-70 front view