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J.A. F-40 Light Tank[]

The F-40 is a light tank designed for infantry support and defeating light fortified positions such as machinegun nests and anti-tank emplacements. The F-40 was seen in the Junkyard Challenge contest.

F-40 Light Tank
F-40 standing at ease.
F-40 standing at ease.
Designer J.A.
Role Infantry Support Tank
Weight 22 Tons
Armor Hull 80(40)/55(+30)/30 Turret 30/30/30
Primary Armament 50mm Short Cannon
Secondary Armament 7.62 Coaxial MG
Powerplant 6.2L V6 Petrol Engine
Top Speed 12 MPH On-road. 5-6 MPH Off-road


Shortly after J.A. noticed the announcement of a contest, J.A. decided that they would part-take in order to show what they are mainly capable of. Their first design revolved around a turret-less tank destroyer mounting a 100mm cannon and a sloped frontal part. This prototype was classified as the F(H)-70. Since J.A. was unsatisfied with it's layout and insufficient armor vs. mobility ratio, they recycled the prototype. All that remains from the F(H)-70 are some pictures. After these events J.A. reset it's standards and shortly after the F-40 Concept arose. J.A. Accepted the concept and started to produce the F-40.


Having a rather tall hull with a low profile turret and puny armament, the F-40 has a rather junkyard texture and decoration added to it. It's puny armament and low speed makes it a rather impractical tank to use.


The F-40 has a good rate of fire with it's 50mm cannon, making it able to suppress tanks and positions at a good rate. It's armor is also resistant against most anti-tank weaponry carried by infantry. (Anti-Tank rifles, grenades, Satchel Charges etc.).


Having a rather tall appearance and low mobility, it lacks both firepower and mobility in order to be a help on the battlefield, it can barely move in uneven terrain and is ineffective even against other light tanks.


Since the F-40 was a contest tank, there wasn't originally any planned models, but J.A. seen the issues just before the contest and attempted to resolve the features, the F-40S was designed to be a better support tank.

  • F-40 - First model, featuring the same armament and mobility as mentioned above.
  • F-40S - Light SPG variant, turret has been removed and a 75MM Howitzer has been installed in a open-top hull.
  • F-40B - Same features as the F-40, only it uses pure HE-T ammo for it's main armament for infantry and soft-targets
  • F-40AD - Same features as the original F-40, only it's engine has been replaced with a 8.0L V10 Diesel engine in order to resolve the mobility issues.
  • F-40-A2 - Installed a longer barrel for the 50mm cannon, engine got replaced with two 11.0 R7 Petrol engines. Never seen action in the contest.


F-40S Light SPG