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F-11 'Weeping Raven'
2015-08-22 00009.jpg
Designer Stalker Inc.
Role Multipurpose Fighter Aircraft
Weight 7 tonnes
Armor 5 - 15 mm
Armament 1x 30mm Heavy Machine Gun


The F-11 Weeping Raven is a multipurpose fighter aircraft. Its main task involves achieving air superiority and destroying enemy aerial vehicles, but it is also well suited for light ground-attack missions. It is powered by two turbojet engines and only lightly armoured. Its main armament consists of a single 30mm heavy machinegun, suited for both dogfighting and attacking ground targets. It has 4 additional hardpoints below its wings, allowing the jet to carry a great variety of weapons, including heat seaking missiles, air-to-ground laser guided weapons, FFR pods and bombs. The jet also comes with countermeasures against enemy heat seaking missiles, including an automated detection-and-deployment system



  • Highly versatile aircraft for both air-to-air missions, as well as air-to-ground objectives.
  • Large control surfaces, making the vehicle highly agile.


  • Due to a misplacement of the landing gear relative to the centre of mass, the vehicle has trouble with taking off.