ACF-Vehicles Wiki

How to make a decent page[]

If you've stumbled upon this guide, you probably want to post some content onto this wiki. Great! Let's get started. First of all, although this is a wikia-based wiki, the editing style(and format) is very similar to wikipedia. The default editor is a fancy visual editor - if you would rather view the raw source editor, you can do this by selecting it from the menu. The menu icon is located just to the left of the 'cancel' and 'save page' buttons in visual editor. A few guidelines should always be followed:

  • Always give a reason for your edits, even if it is your own page.
  • Appropriately categorize your page.
  • Hyperlink to your designer page in your info box.
  • Add a picture!

Document styles - I'm a heading![]

Beneath the heading, the Paragraph style is used.

I'm a subheading![]

I'm another subheading![]

I'm yet another subheading![]
I'm the smallest subheading, #4![]

I'm a block quote. - block quote

I'm pre-formatted, like a word document!

Styles work in a similar way to Microsoft word. You can also Bold and Italicize and hyperlink.To create a hyperlink in your text body, select the text which you intend to become a hyperlink. Then, click the handy hyperlink button(next to bold and italicize). Additionally, the drop-down 'A' menu provides options for other styles, including super/sub scripts and strikethroughs.

Non-text content[]

All non-text content can be added by using the Insert menu. You may upload images to an external source and then to the wiki, or upload them directly to the wiki. Galleries provide a slideshow of the selected images which can be navigated by the user.

Numbered lists and bullet point lists do what they say on the tin.

Next up for insert-able objects are templates. You'll use these most often for infoboxes. Infoboxes are the handy box of summarized information that exist on the right side of the page. They also contain a cute picture. Once placed in your page, you can edit info boxes by clicking on them.

Always hyperlink to your designer/manufacturer page in the infobox, or I will steal your soul. To hyperlink in an infobox, place two [ brackets, followed by the URL, then a space, then the hyperlink text, then two ] brackets.

Another handy template is the nav box. Place this at the bottom of your page to link to similar pages. A good example are the navboxes at the bottom of the tanks page on wikipedia.

References and reference lists are for adding in-text citations. You probably wont need these.

This is a table. You probably won't need it either, but incase you do..
it works like an excel table. You can add colums and rows by clicking the buttons.