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Czr1how 01.jpg
Designer Sofa / Braczaya Navin Motor Co.
Role Self-propelled artillery
Status In Service
Theme Pseudohistorical (Interwar)
Weight 7 Tonnes
Armor 15/10/5
Primary Armament 78mm mountain gun HK.80-12

The DzS-78.1 is a Robanian self-propelled artillery piece based off the CzR.1 light tank. The turret and top deck was removed, replaced by an open fighting compartment based around an HK.80-12 78mm howitzer, and protected by an armored casemate. Production of CzR.1 tanks was altered early in the Westenlands Wars to produce more DzS-78.1s, and they would become the most widely-used Robanian artillery piece throughout the era.