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Dieter Medium Tank
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Manufacturer AHI
Designed 2015
Designed, Lore 1951
Role Medium tank, multi-role
Weight 25 Tonnes
Armor Hull 140/115+15/60

Turret 200/60+15/60+15

Primary Armament 75mm Cannon
Secondary Armament 7.62mm MG/7.62mm Hull MG
Powerplant 9.2L V12 Diesel, 434hp
Transmission/Drive type 8 Speed automatic, 5 for/3 rev

Twin transfer case

Power/Weight Ratio 17 hp/t
Top Speed 40mph
Suspension Type Axis spring, parented roadwheels
Prop Count 99
Network Usage 300-400in

Dieter Medium Tank[]

The SA25 Dieter  is a medium tank designed by AHI in the early 1950s (2015). It was designed to be a platform for several roles from artillery to anti-air, with the main variant aimed towards close quarters combat.


The Dieter was conceived to be very low lag, client and server alike. Comprised of 99 props, the Dieter does not have a large impact on framerate or server, however it does make use of visual clip to reduce the amount of material used for the design. The roadwheels are parented to help reduce server load. This tank was designed to primarily support infantry and anti-tank combat in close quarters, the heavy use of spaced external armor plating was added to help combat infantry anti-tank weapons. 34% of the vehicle is parented physical mass, the side armor plating and floor plating are physical to provide a robust chassis for suspension and armament.


Weighing in at 25 tonnes, the tank is powered by a single 9.2L V12 diesel mated to an 8 speed automatic gearbox providing 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds. It is also able to neutral steer by use of transfer cases, which is imperative to close quarters operations. Top speed is 40mph, and general mobility is sharp thanks to a horsepower per ton ratio of 17.  Suspension is axis spring type with parented roadwheels and sprockets.


Designed to be resistant to infantry anti-tank weapons, almost every surface of the Dieter is 60mm+ thick, save for the hull floor and roof. All armor is rolled steel with external spaced 15mm plating on the sides of the hull and turret to aid protection against HEAT projectiles. Frontal armor is is tough enough to tank on 100mm cannons, however the turret frontal armor is considered weak. Side armor is adequate at 115mm, and rear hull armor is 60mm, as are the turret sides and rear, with the addition 15mm of spaced curtain plating. The Dieter is very resistant to HE due to its very tough roadwheels and skirt armor.


Armed with a 75mm cannon, the Dieter is able to dispatch tanks of its own role fairly well. Penetration is about 152mm from standard AP-T shot. The Dieter carries 26 rounds of AP, 14 of low-velocity HE, and 917 rounds of 7.62 coaxial and hull machinegun ammunition. Due to the Dieter's small size, ammo capacity is a concern, since it is meant to be a close quarters vehicle. The main gun is fully stabilized with a rudementary fire control with elevation prediction for AP/HE. The tank is able to engage targets in a brawl or from long range. It is also armed with four semi-automatic smoke dischargers.


The only currently declassified variants are the A1 main variant, and the A175AL 75mm autoloading artillery variant. The A175AL is armed with a 75mm autoloading howitzer capable of sending 8 rounds to a target in under 30 seconds. Armor is poor, and weight is increased to nearly 30 tonnes. It is also armed with a remote turret 37mm HE cannon to dispatch surrounding infantry.

Dieter A175AL Howitzer.