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Designer Sofa / Braczaya Navin Motor Co.
Role Medium Tank
Status In Service
Theme Pseudohistorical (WWII)
Weight 40Tonnes
Armor 85/80/70
Primary Armament 75mm Cannon
Powerplant 19L V8 Diesel
Top Speed 30km/h (18.6mph)

The CzS.3 is a Robanian medium tank and direct successor to the CzS.2, intended to make better use of sloped armor on the same chassis. It is currently Sofa's most-used medium tank, and his first to use a turret lock. In fluff, the CzS.3 is Robania's mainstay medium tank throughout most of the Westenlands Wars, designed during and introduced shortly after the war with Chergaria. It would be the last Robanian tank to use riveted armor.

The CzS.3 is a Robanian medium tank, based off the CzS.2 chassis and featuring significantly upgraded sloped armor. At present, the CzS.3 is Sofa's mainstay medium tank, and was the first to follow a mid/late WWII theme, as opposed to interwar/early WWII theme.


Bound to the inherent weaknesses of thematic-based building, Sofa lacked a reasonable medium tank design. Even after the 75mm variant, the CzS.2 proved inadequate against other pseudohistorical and historical counterparts: However, the vehicle's good mobility combined with Sofa's laziness allowed it to be rebuilt as the CzS.3, featuring armor more akin to real-world, late-WWII vehicles, such as the Panther. The CzS.3 also featured a new turret chip, which included a holo ballistics calculator and a travel lock. The turret would later be upgraded to the Cromwell Turret chip, allowing for more realistic limitation of traverse speed, and a major improvement in the not-GenericGyro department.

Dumb Lore[]

Robania's armored forces were outdated since before the Chergarian Invasion. Although minor upgrades allowed their operators to take advantage of their characteristics, such as weight, speed, and fast-turning turrets, they were simply unable to match their Eastern counterparts in later confrontations. The CzS.3 was a much-needed upgrade, produced thanks to improvements to Robanian production capabilities.

CzS.3 in Hetland with improvised spaced armor

An early trial variant featured 70mm of frontal armor, but the production model would see a significant upgrade on frontal, side, and rear armor, briefly earning it the title of the most heavily armored medium tank of the era. However, while it would be among a few tanks to set a new standard, it would quickly be surpassed, though not as thoroughly outmatched as Robania's previous vehicles. Furthermore, the CzS.3 would be Robania's last tank to make use of riveted armor.


The CzS.3 is significantly more heavily armored than other Robanian tanks, but still makes use of the 75mm gun - a relatively underpowered weapon for the late-WWII theme. However, the increased ammunition capacity combines with its thick armor to make for an effective low-mobility brawler: a major departure from other Robanian tanks, made to blitz, flank, and knife-fight enemy armor. Lack of a machine gun makes it susceptible to infantry attack, though default the APHE loadout for the 75mm grants it some capability against fortifications and light vehicles.