Designer Sofa / Braczaya Navin Motor Co.
Role Medium Tank
Status Semi-Retired

(Requires retrofit)

Theme Pseudohistorical (Interwar/WWII)
Weight 30 Tonnes
Armor 50/40/20
Primary Armament 50mm Cannon
Secondary Armament Coaxial 7.62mm machine gun
Powerplant 19l V8 Diesel
Top Speed 21km/h (13mph)

The CzS.2 is a Robanian medium tank, which saw action shortly after the war with Chergaria. It would later yield the more heavily armed and armored CzS.2-75, and its chassis would be used as a basis for the CzS.3. It was also Sofa's first tank to make use of a rope turret.

History Edit

Though Sofa had previously built five different tanks to fill the medium tank category, a series of changes to ACF and Wiremod would render them obsolete. Rather than going back and modifying all their models and internals, the CzS.2 was built as a fresh start to Sofa's medium tank line, featuring then-up-to-date wire systems, and designed to be more suiting of his preferred, interwar-theme.
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