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Czs1 01.jpg
Designer Sofa / Braczaya Navin Motor Co.
Role Medium Tank
Status In Service
Theme Pseudohistorical (Interwar)
Weight 7.5 Tonnes
Armor 20/15/10
Primary Armament 50mm Cannon
Secondary Armament Coaxial 7.62mm machine gun
Powerplant 6.5L I6 Diesel

The CzS.1 is a Robanian medium tank developed prior to the Chergarian Invasion, and designed by Sofa to partake in crewed vehicle battles. With Sofa having yet to figure out how to make a proper crewed turret system, it usually sees action in the form of a single-operator tank.


The CzS.1 was initially developed as the BN.CzS in the late 510s, alongside what would be the CzL.1, intended as BN's answer to the international standard of armor design at the time. It entered service shortly after the Ministry of Defense adopted its Standard Motor-Arms Nomenclature in 522, and would go on to serve during the Chergarian Invasion. Lacking the speed and agility of the CzL.1 and other Robanian tanks, it performed poorly against its more advanced Chergarian counterparts. Production ceased shortly after the war's end, though remaining vehicles would be used in following conflicts over the next few years. After several years of limited service, its sheer obsolescence would remove it from Robanian service entirely, as all remaining CzS.1s were sold or scrapped.


Not unlike most of Sofa's builds, the CzS.1 is purely thematic. Slow, lightly armored, and carrying only a 50mm short cannon, it was originally intended to partake in battles between crewed vehicles.