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Czr1 01.jpg
Designer Sofa / Braczaya Navin Motor Co.
Role Infantry Support Tank
Status In Service
Theme Pseudohistorical (Interwar)
Weight 6.7Tonnes
Armor 10/7/5
Primary Armament x2 12.7mm machine guns
Powerplant 3.4L I4 Diesel

The CzR.1 is a Robanian light tank produced before and early in the Westenlands Wars. It was designed to combat infantry and light vehicles, and as such is armed with two machine-guns.


I got annoyed by guys bunny-hopping around my tanks throwing satchels and lobbing AT-grenades. So I made this to make them stop.


Originally designated ABPG.519 (Autakarbiny Brinyv Pyrwoda, Gushakh - Machine-gun Armored Vehicle, Tracked), the CzR.1 was designed as a "rolling machine-gun nest", supporting infantry in urban engagements. This was a role typically filled by armored cars, but tracks granted the CzR.1 a greater deal of maneuverability (particularly useful in cramped streets), albeit at the cost of speed. Light armament - in the form of two 12.5mm Stanlaw guns - allowed the turret to traverse rapidly, allowing it to counteract flanking infantry in conjunction with a reliable spotter. Naturally, it was highly vulnerable to anti-tank weaponry, and could be easily defeated by most enemy armor.

Cheap, easily produced, simple to operate, and with its mechanical issues rectified by minor modifications, the CzR.1 was among Robania's most numerous vehicles throughout the wars. Though its original role would be taken on by later designs, countless CzR.1s would be converted into troop and supply carriers, as well as equipped with mortars and mountain howitzers to act as self-propelled artillery.


The CzR.1 has only just enough armor to protect it from most light arms fire. Combined with a fairly low top speed, this makes it a relatively easy kill. It stands little chance in an armored engagement, but a pair of fast-firing 12.7mm machine guns can perforate light armor at close range. Furthermore, the sustained fire they provide makes it especially effective against infantry


  • DzS-78.1 - Self-propelled artillery, armed with an HK.80-12 78mm mountain howitzer
  • CzR.1-CvT - Civjetsitraktor conversion