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CzC2 03.jpg
Designer Sofa / Braczaya Navin Motor Co.
Role Heavy Tank
Status In Service
Theme Pseudohistorical (WWII, Late)
Weight 57 Tonnes
Armor 100/90/60
Primary Armament 100mm Cannon
Powerplant x1 21l V12 Diesel
Top Speed 35km/h (21.7mph)

The CzC.2 is a Robanian heavy tank introduced and used during the later years of the Westenlands Wars.


Despite the name (Czokka Ciezano 2: Tank, Heavy 2), the CzC.2 was proceeded by three other tanks fitting into the heavy classification. With one being hopelessly outdated, and the other a veritable land-battleship, a new design was needed to fill the gap that the CzC.1 could no longer provide. Furthermore, a late-WWII theme (as opposed to the usual interwar style) could potentially grant it a glimmer of a competitive edge.


With specifications based on late-WWII heavy tanks, such as the IS-3 and Tiger II, the CzC.2 represents a significant jump in both theme and performance, mirroring Sofa's increased confidence in the potential of his designs. Paling in comparison to the more competitively-oriented, competently-build counterparts of its weight tier, the CzC.2 is similarly unimpressive in comparison to its real-world inspirations, lacking their speed and armor thickness (effectiveness of its sloped design has yet to be quantified). Nevertheless, its distinct design is considerably more pragmatic than that of its predecessors, featuring a low-lying hull with armor up to 100mm in thickness. Decent ductility - a value of 30 all around - was also implemented in hopes of resisting infantry and aerial attacks.

The CzC.2 is also the first vehicle to make use of weld-latch parking brakes. Why I didn't add such a simple feature that can save me so much pain on earlier designs remains a mystery.

Dumb Fluff[]

History and development[]

Robania's campaign of expansion and exploitation during the Westenlands Wars brought about an unprecedented influx of industrial capability to the once-minor nation. Furthermore, as the conflict had been escalating, the military found itself in need of more advanced weaponry, as the near-universal inferiority of Robanian tanks became more and more apparent. Plans to update the once-successful CzC.1 were scrapped in favor of an entirely new design, sporting heavier armor and armament than any other tank in Robania's arsenal at the time.