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(This is a collection of all military companies and vehicles based on the Novourov lore by STALKER. Feel free to add your own company if you want to include it in the Novourovan War setting)

Novourov has numerous industries among its countries that contribute to the war effort. Being an island in the midst of the Belgearium sea, both the United Nation of Novourov(UNN) and Novourova Liberta (NL) have a strong naval presence, but there is a heavy emphasis on armored fighting vehicles as well. While both sides do have a limited number of aerial vehicles, the lack of experience and technology in the aeronautical department allows them to be used for little more than reconnaissance and light ground attack missions.

Novourova Liberta allegiance[]

Zhinapa Machina[]

Zhinapa Machina official logo

Zhinapa machina was founded in 1309sy and capitalised on the increasing popularity of the modern combustion engine. The company specialised in developing motorised agricultural equipment, but after the depression in 1357 it was brought to the brink of bankruptcy due to the high cost of crude oil. When the oil started flowing again after the annexation of Podoshchensk in 1359, it saw a new market that was booming all across the continent of Novourov; armored fighting vehicles. Zhinapa Machina became the main supplier of armored fighting vehicles to the Novourova Liberta armed forces when it clashed swords with the UNN in 1411.

Fighting vehicles produced by Zhinapa Machina:

United Nation of Novourov allegiance[]


The company, led and founded by Yurasov Morris, produced armored automobiles and trucks for specialised transport of precious cargo and VIP's. With the growing tension between the countries of Novourov, its products were in high demand. In December 1380, Morris received an order from the Vladivets Armiya which called for a new type of armored fighting vehicle. This massive order instantly elevated the 5 year old company to the position of most influential producer of armored fighting vehicles in all of Vladivets.

Fighting vehicles produced by Morris:

Factory no. 16[]

Factory no. 16 official logo

After the Treaty of Belovaya was signed by Podoshchensk and Vladivets, forming the UNN, a large number of factories were constructed all over the country (the exact number remains unknown). Factory no. 16 was a research and development facility located near the northern shore of the continent. Initially it produced mainly frigates but after 1401 its attention shifted towards armored fighting vehicles, likely in preparation for the invasion of Podotsk and Minegorod. Factory no. 16 constructed prototypes which were mass-produced in other locations in the country.

Fighting vehicles produced by Factory no. 16: