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"Apoyon" Armored Car shotting testing in gm_fork

Designer: SP National Factories & Manufactures.

Theme: Cold War

Role: Infantry Support

Weight: 13 tonnes

Armor: 23 - 12

Power Plant: 2.8 L Flat 6 Petrol SP Engine.

Armament: x1 20mm Auto Canon, x1 40mm Grenade Launcher.


Following the unexpected success of the if402 support vehicle, the High Command requested a reliable replacement that would perform exactly the same functions as its predecessor and be more manoeuvrable. The other specifications were: resistant to 20mm fire at close range, blast and mine resistant, open top turret, 8x8 chassis, be capable of firing at tall buildings, and have the ability to destroy other light vehicles.

The big problem was the choice of armament as it was necessary to provide the vehicle with sufficient firepower to support the infantry and at the same time there were certain limitations on the amount of ammunition due to its small size. Initially two 25mm guns were chosen which offered good anti-tank capability but their recoil and the need for a higher rate of fire meant that these were replaced by a single 20mm autocannon.

Once the weapon was changed, the vehicle met all the requirements and was put into service, it was soon necessary to add a secondary armament and some extra protection against high explosive projectiles, necessary changes to adapt the vehicle to the urban environment.

Early Versions[]

Early version of the Infantry Support Car, notice the twin 25mm semi-automatic canons.