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Central Defense Foundry is a heavy engineering company founded by Redreaper and Fallschirmjager.


The Central Defense Foundry was formed of a loose collection of ideas, concepts, and equipment, built for specific needs and technological development, dating back to 2006 with early guided missile research.  A small number of armored fighting vehicle and heavy engineering designs were created, with few seeing any use.

However, by 2010, CDF had emerged as a singular brand, and had begun producing vehicles; its first tracked prototype, a tracked transporter known only as "Object 548", would also set the stage for many traits found to be typical of all future vehicles.  By the end of 2011, CDF had produced tanks, trucks, heavy engineering equipment, airships, helicopters, specialized reconnaissance UAVs, and even a prototypical walker; of all these fields, only the mech development field would be abandoned, while the core organization would center around heavy engineering.

A number of firsts would be accomplished by CDF in the 2011-2012 span, as well.  By 2011's end, modular composite armor was developed, in an era when only conventional steel was available, and by 2012 the first practical holo track systems would be developed.  The first ballistics computers were available by the end of 2011, and the first vector solution systems would give CDF AFVs a decisive advantage in combat operations; combined with armor innovations, an incredible 5:1 parity in combat was acheived for over a year.  Mortars would be available by 2012 for high-angle fire, using custom-developed software.  Most importantly, CDF designs benefitted from suspension, monocoque construction, and excellent optics when this was a rarity; this ideology is still continued.

As time went on, and ACF armor developments took a turn for the worse, CDF shifted to a more specialist vehicle development company, producing primarily support AFVs and software.  Its first assembly plant was completed by 2014.  Early 2015 saw the end of all vector computing systems and their replacement with a fifth generation ballistics kernel supporting indirect fire by spotter, as well as "designate/compute/fire" capabilities, automatic lead computation, and logical firing interlocks.  A great number of its fields and production lines would be consolidated, with a greater advancement in aircraft and avionics.  Its aircraft control software was successful in export, and a simplified ballistics module was exported as well.


Currently CDF specializes in software, aviation, and support AFVs.  A small number of advanced control systems are used, unifying the interface and capabilities of its designs; for instance, every ground vehicle carries the instrumentation necessary for ad hoc indirect fire, and every aircraft carries a deflection-computing gunsight.

Current Products[]

IFV-20 infantry fighting vehicle

more coming...when I get around to it.