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celio mk1
side on view
side on view
Designer ratc (regular army tank core)
Role infantry support
Weight 30 tonnes
Armor 15mm-6mm
Primary Armament 50 mm short barreled cannon x2
Secondary Armament n/a
Powerplant 7l petrol i6 engine
Top Speed 5kmh


near the midway point russocella war it was decided by celioan generals that something new was required to cross the shell torn wastelands that were once bustling city's. The Celio mk 1 , named after its country of origin , was conjured up. The tank was a victim of not only financial but technological backwash, using weak riveted armour and forcing the 3 man crew to look through cutouts in the tank due to lack of lense's. The tank has a complete lack of suspension with tracks running all around the tank, while the ride was more than acceptable on smooth ground the crew would be tossed around when the tank picked up speed. its main Armament consisted of a pair of 50 mm short barreled cannons mounted in sponsons on either side of the tank with some later battle hardened tank crews cutting out holes or removing the visor from the front of the tank to allow them to fire straight ahead with their small arms. The tanks elongated design allowed to to cross churned and cluttered ground with ease however due to its overall thin profile turning the tank at rest or at speed is close to impossible.



  • pill like design grants great off road capabilities
  • twin armaments allow for fending off of multiple targets at once
  • armour could easily withstand almost all russo weapons of the time
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    2015-10-22 00005.jpg


  • thin design made turning close to impossible
  • low power i6 petrol engine gave the mk 1 a max speed of 5 kmh
  • lack of commander controlled armament made communication vital
  • 3 man crew required to operate tank to full combat effectiveness
  • open view port allowed small arms fire to easily enter and damage tank