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ACF Aircraft are notoriously known as difficult to build and even more difficult to arm but if done correctly can offer a good advantage versus tanks. There are generally speaking 3 main catagories of ACF aircraft: Thruster based, E2 Based, and most notorious, fin powered. There are also additionally 3 sub catagories of aircraft: Planes, Helicopters, and VTOLs. 

Thruster Based[]

Thruster based aircraft are the quite possibly the easiest of the three forms of ACF aircraft to make. The most basic form of a thruster aircraft is quite simply a keep-upright plate with thrusters for up, forward, and to steer. More advanced thruster craft may have pitch and roll.

E2 Based[]

E2 based aircraft take advantage of E2's apply force to move the craft around. E2 aircraft have an advantage over thruster aircraft in that they generally require less entities and constraints which thereby reduce server lag. However, they require some degree of E2 knowledge and may actually cause more server lag if the e2 runs high in OPs.

Fin Based[]

Fin based aircraft are the most difficult ACF aircraft to build but reward you with realistic flight and damage simulation. Fin based aircraft make use of the Fin tool to simulate wings and propellors. Fin aircraft may also make use of the Propellor Tool which can be useful in making more effective propellors and cutting down on lag and prop spaz associtated with regular Fin propellors.


Thruster Based E2 Based Fin Tool Based
Ease of use Easy Medium Hard
Realism Low Medium High
Damage simulation Unrealistic * Depends on coder choice  Very Realistic
Server strain Medium-High Low-High, Depends on coder skill Medium
Server Compatiblity High HIgh Medium
ACF Usage (propulsion) None Low, Depends on coder. High/Required, thruster propellors possible
Load (on-board weight) reliability High High Low-Medium, depends on builder skill
Prop usage **

Low, 1-5 props, Does depend on thruster limit

Low, 1-5 Medium-High, 10+
  • *Thrusters themselves are generally easy to destroy. They may be internal though so they can be harder to kill than physical blades.
  • ** The Prop Usage category refers to the props being used by the actual propulsion system. It does not include body props.

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