CM50 01
Designer Braczaya Navin Heavy Industries
Role Main Battle Tank
Weight 46 Tonnes
Armor Hull 100/100/80 (Composite) Turret 80/80/50
Primary Armament 100mm cannon
Secondary Armament 20mm HMG
Powerplant x2 8.0L V10 Petrol
Top Speed 35kmh (21mph)
The CM.50 is a Robanian main battle tank and Sofa's first remotely "modern" fighting vehicle, featuring composite armor and double-differential steering.

Development Edit

Interwar-themed trundleboxes a superpower do not make; pancake tanks abound, whilst 140mm cannons and RACs conspire to penetrate my tender, historically-armored hulls. Something modern was needed; a sleek, state-of-the-art fighting vehicle decked out with the most cutting edge ACF had to offer. Of course, I then immediately got bored of that and made something early Cold War-themed.

Characteristics Edit

A low-lying profile is topped by a rounded turret, which features a main gun of alarming size for something of Robanian origin. Though not quite modern, its 100mm cannon and coaxial 20mm HMG give it a glimmer of a fighting chance, while composite armor offers significantly more protection than the usual Robanian arrangement of cardboard, masking tape, and prayers. It's still lacking in the speed department, but can dime-turn jarringly fast.

Dumb Fluff Edit

Dunno yet, actually. Trying to figure out this Altirus's equivalent of the postwar period without drawing too many parallels.
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