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Braczaya-Navin Motor Company
Founded C. 500PI
Origin Robania
Industry Automotive


Heavy Industries

Machine Tools

Braczaya-Navin Motor Co. was founded as Braczaya and Company Machine Works (Braczaya e Spolkanya Maczyna Fabryko) by businessman and engineer Artyr Braczaya circa 500. After only a few years, he entered a partnership with his friend's niece, a young mechanical engineer by the name of Iliya Navin, to form Braczaya-Navin Motor Company (Braczaya-Navin Kompastik Spolkan). A handful of engines and experimental vehicles preceded the release of the Konsorta sedan and M.2 truck in the early 510s. Immediately thereafter, this motley bunch of engineers were contracted by the Ministry of Defense to produce motor arms (tanks and other military vehicles) in cooperation with the National Armory. This cemented BN's place as Robania's premier civil and military vehicle design firm, and they would go on to dominate the country's domestic heavy industry well into the future.

The company was renamed to BN Industries after Artyr Braczaya's death circa 550. Iliya Navin would follow about twenty years later, but the company would retain their names up until the (equivalent) modern-day. Around the 590s, BN was partitioned into multiple parts under the Braczaya-Navin umbrella: BN Autos, BN Land Systems, BN Aerospace, and BN General.


Robania's aviation industry started around the turn of the 6th century, just as Altirus began to enter a golden age of flight. Aerodomy, a small firm of aspiring aircraft engineers, lead the country's way into aircraft production. Limited access to the foreign parts market, thanks to a tense political climate, limited their capacity, until BN began domestic manufacture of suitable aircraft engines circa 510. Aerodomy was bought by BN in 518, and its employees went on to form BN's aviation branch, BN-Aero.