Yellow variant of the Bi-r7.
Yellow variant of the Bi-r7.
Designer Failzcorp. USA
Role Scouting, Crop Dusting, Ultra-Light attack.
Weight 1.5 Tons
Armor 5mm Max
Primary Armament 12.7 mm MG
Secondary Armament [Optional] HE Bomb
Powerplant Radial 7 11L
Top Speed 40 MPH

Description:[edit | edit source]

The Bi-r7 Crop Duster is a fin-based aircraft manufactured by United States branch of Failzcorp. The Plane was originally designed and first built in March of 2015 to be Failzcorp's 2nd unique plane and their third plane overall. The Bi-r7 features a single radial 7 engine that runs off of Petrol.

Purpose and History:[edit | edit source]

The original reason the Bi-r7 was built was to fill the need for a heavier fin aircraft for scouting and light attack. After the success of the Mono-v2Sc, Failzcorp. needed an air frame that was sturdier and more capable of taking enemy fire in addition to the previously stated needs.

The Aircraft has three main functions:

- Scouting

- Light Attack

- Crop Spraying

Performance[edit | edit source]

The Bi-r7 features a lightweight aluminum body with canvas lift surfaces (which themselves sit upon a wire frame).

The Bi-r7 is an extremely mobile craft capable of relatively high speeds considering it's somewhat old-fashioned architecture. Capable of performing extremely tight turns, the Bi-r7 is only hindered by it's poor pitch control.

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