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Battle Tank, Medium IV
Designer Unicide
Role Multi-role tank
Weight 30 tonnes
Armor 270 / 150 / 60 effective (mm)
Primary Armament x 1 75mm Cannon
Secondary Armament x 1 12.7mm Machine Gun
Powerplant x 1 10.0 L Boxer 6
Top Speed 40 MPH

The Battle Tank, Medium IV is a relatively-light battle tank designed mostly for tank-to-tank engagements.


The BTM III/100, while a solid tank, pushed the weight limits of what could be considered a medium tank. A lighter vehicle, able to brawl pound-for-pound with the new crop of 25-ton tanks, was needed.

The new tank was to carry a 75mm cannon, be able to shrug off several rounds from similar-weight tanks, and have a top speed of at least 20 MPH. Above all, it was to remain below 30 tonnes.


The BTM IV was purpose-built to be the match or better of most known light-medium tanks. On paper, it fully lives up to this task. However, there has been very limited combat testing of the vehicle, and few have expressed more than cautious optimism.


Protection was a primary concern. The armor layout was designed to be able to defeat 75mm rounds from other similar tanks, which is accomplished in the front and side sector.The frontal sector is capable of shrugging off even 100mm rounds, though not for extended periods of time. Internal spaced armor also adds another layer of protection against HEAT and APHE rounds.


Armament was the secondary priority. The 75mm cannon is standard for a tank of this class, firing both APHE and HEAT rounds. Simulations have shown it capable of piercing the frontal sectors of most comparable tanks at normal combat ranges. It is capable of first-shot hits out to 600 yards thanks to the tank's adequate fire-control system (a refined version of the BTM III's). A coaxial machine-gun provides anti-infantry fire.


The tank's top speed of 40 miles per hour outperformed all expectations. The powerful engine means the tank is not only speedy, but also generally nimble.



An experimental version that mounted a TOW missile next to the main cannon. The single missile did not add enough to the tank's capabilities to warrant the additional weight and the blow to ammunition storage.

BTM IV Mk2[]

An upgraded version of the tank. Includes heavier armor, better ammunition distribution, and a basic automatic transmission.


A lightly-armored tank destroyer variant using the same chassis, but mounting a massive 120mm cannon in an open turret.