Battle Tank, Medium I "Herman"
The only known surviving image of the Herman, taken by an unlucky road-rage victim. This is the rear of the vehicle.
Designer Unicide
Role Battle Tank
Weight 50 tonnes
Armor 100 / 50 / 50 mm (estimated)
Primary Armament x 1 75 mm Cannon
Secondary Armament x 1 12.7mm Machine gun
Powerplant Unknown
Top Speed 8 mph (approximately)
The Battle Tank, Medium I "Herman" was a primitive medium tank, designed circa 2009.

Development Edit

The Herman was the first entry in the BTM series. It was built with a passing resemblance to the real-life M4 Sherman tank, hence the name and 75mm cannon.

Characteristics Edit

Historical records indicate that the Herman performed acceptably. A mouse-aimed turret gave the cannon acceptable short-range accuracy, though bounce robbed it of long-range precision. The armor, while woefully light, was well-sloped and augmented by applique screens designed to detonate APHE and HEAT rounds.

Unfortunately, the blueprints of this vehicle were lost long ago. All that remains is a single blurry photograph.

Variants Edit

  • BTM I "Herman": Original model.
  • BTM I "Herman Gumbo": Improved model. Heavier turret mounting a 100mm cannon. Heavier armor.
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