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The BN M.2 is a Robanian 3-ton cargo / utility truck.


BN M2.jpg
Manufacturer Braczaya Navin Motor Co.
Designer Sofa
Class Cargo Truck
Production 512 - 534
Weight 3.5 Tonnes
Layout M/RWD
Powerplant 6.5L I6 Diesel
Top Speed 45kmh (28mph)

I wanted a wheeled vehicle. All I had were tanks and a single crummy car. I made this. I was pleased with the result.

Dumb Lore[]

BN Motor Co.'s government contracts were proceeded by entries into Robania's civilian automotive market, in which there was no competition save for the rare import. Their first major foray - the Konsorta - was initial failure, but it would be the simple, hardy M.2 that would secure their place. Its introduction to the masses rendered draft animals nearly obsolete, and came in parallel with its purchase by the military. Versatile, reliable, and cheap, the M.2 would fill a variety of roles over the course of the Westenlands Wars.

M2 02.jpg