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BN Konsorta
Manufacturer Braczaya Navin Motor Co.
Designer Sofa
Class Sedan
Production 510-somethingorother
Weight 1940kg (4277lb)
Layout M/RWD
Powerplant 8.4L I6 Petrol
Top Speed 95kmh (60mph)

The BN Konsorta (Consort) is a car manufactured by Braczaya Navin Motor Co., and was their first entry into the civilian automotive market. At present, it and the M.2 truck are the only domestically manufactured civilian automobiles in Robania.


So way back when, I tried making a car. It sucked, so I remade it years later. It works now.

Dumb Lore[]

The Konsorta was put forward as BN Motor Co's debut to the general public. With automobiles being a rarity in the country, the Konsorta was made so be a simple, affordable solution to costly imports and their virtually unattainable foreign parts. It was marketed as a "luxury vehicle fit for nobility, fit into a commoner's budget". This proved to be a costly mistake, as common Robanian citizens saw a luxury sedan as frivolous, while collectors and motorists shied away due to scathing reviews on its lackluster performance and poor handling. However, the success of the more utilitarian M.2 paved the way for the Konsorta's return in the mid/late 510s, which saw significant improvements. The vehicle nevertheless failed to catch on outside the city, or the garages of auto enthusiasts.