BN.Cz / BN.1
Designer Sofa / Braczaya Navin Motor Co.
Role Light Tank
Status Retired (BN.1)

Limited Service (BN.Cz)

Theme Pseudohistorical (Interwar)
Weight 6.5 Tonnes
Armor 20/20/15
Primary Armament CKt37.1 37mm Cannon
Secondary Armament 12.7mm MG
Powerplant x2 2400cc V-Twin Petrol
Top Speed 14km/h (8.7mph)


The BN.Cz (BN.1) is a tankette based off Sofa's first ACF tank design. The BN.Cz designation stands for "Braczaya Navin Czokka (Tank)".

Development Edit

The first ACF tank made by Sofa (AKA Csp499) was done so in 2012 on ggg_toshkent, shortly before his departure for basic training. Consisting of a 75mm howitzer with wire-wheel elevation and thruster-powered traverse, jammed into a laundry basket atop a welded-together hull, it went without saying that a nostalgic remake in 2014 would have to include some alterations. These included a proper ACF powerplant and transmission, E2-controlled turret, simple suspension, and a turretless version featuring a casemate-mounted 37mm short gun to properly convey its age.

Characteristics Edit

Clumsy, ponderous, and about as well-armored as a 3rd grade craft project, any utility the BN.Cz might have is against infantry and light fortifications, with its 12.7mm machine gun and 37mm cannon.

Advantages Edit

It's a metal box that's got guns stickin' outta it, and it (mostly) moves. In some instances, that's enough.

Disadvantages Edit

Low top-speed limits it to a foot soldier's pace, and poor armor means it can be taken out by a single anti-tank gunner. Furthermore, lack of a 360-degree traversing turret makes it vulnerable to attacks from the sides and rear, while meager armament renders it useless against rival armor, even of the same class.

Variants Edit

BN.1: Turreted version armed with a 60mm mortar

BN.1-37: Turreted version armed with a 37mm cannon

BN.1-25: Turreted version armed with at 25mm semiautomatic cannon, produced as part of the Rapid Defense Production initiative

BN-Dz.75: 75mm self-propelled howitzer using the BN.Cz hull; produced as part of the Rapid Defense Production initiative

Dumb Fluff Edit

History and development Edit

The performance of tanks seen during the Third Spat led immediately to their design and manufacture across the continent, contributing to the arms race that would shape the political stage over the decades to come. Robania's answer came in the form of the BN.Cz, made by the Braczaya-Navin Motor Company in conjunction with the National Armory under contract by the new republic. Consisting of a prototype and a handful of demonstration models, the BN.Cz would go on to partake in the Lords' Uprising, but never enter production. The BN.1 - a turreted variant - was slotted for production shortly afterward, but was proven too primitive before then, and was subsequently replaced by the CzL.1. Nevertheless, it would go on to cement the role of armor in the Robanian military in the conflicts to come.

During the invasion of 525, the fall of Myransk and loss of vital factories there - alongwith harassment of railroads and other logistical routes by Chergarian aircraft - made it difficult for Robanian tanks to deploy in the country's defense. As part of Robania's "Rapid Defense Production" initiative, civilian machining equipment was converted just behind the front to accommodate improvised production of various vehicles, including modified variants of the BN.Cz and BN.1. These consisted of the BN.1-25, and BN-Dz.75 self-propelled howitzer.
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