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Amphibian Reconnaissance "Pato" in gm_BlueHills

Designer: SP National Factories & Manufactures.

Theme: Cold War

Role: Reconnaissance, Anfibius Assault.

Weight: 15.6 tonnes

Armor: 30 - 12

Power Plant: 2.8 L Flat 6 Petrol SP Engine, and 1.3L petrol (for the two turbines in the back).

Armament: x1 25mm Semiautomatic Canon, x1 7.62mm Machine Gun, x2 40mm Somoke Grenade Launchers


The need for a light reconnaissance vehicle was proposed to the republican factories, the vehicle should be under 18 tons, be able to cross rivers (with special attention to be able to get out of the complicated riverbanks), in addition it should carry a 14.5mm machine gun, several smoke launchers and a at-3 antitank misile (It was removed due to low reliability).

The first prototype was ready quickly but left a lot to be desired in terms of armour and range, so the armour had to be upgraded from 18mm to 30mm, the gun was changed to a 25mm semi-automatic gun to make it more versatile and avoid the use of several support versions. Another important change was the increase in fuel capacity, because it was not thought that two engines would consume twice as much fuel.

Variantes (Prototypes, none in service)[]

First version of the Pato amphibious tank, notice the at-3 anti-tank missile.

Support version with a 75mm short cannon capable of firing HEAT and HE projectiles.