Altirus is a continent on a fictional, alternate-earth, and a setting for various pieces of ACF build-related lore.

Geography Edit

Altirus is situated in the planet's Northern hemisphere, primarily bordered by ocean to the east, by the Kartasian Sea in the south, and by another continent in the west, separated by jagged mountains lifted by continental collision. Altirus extends to the planet's north pole.

History Edit

Humans on Altirus have remained largely isolated. Mostly blocked off from access to the west until the development of powered flight, their only contact has been with cultures from a continent to the south, and those inhabiting islands in the eastern ocean.

Most Altirese nations utilize the Imperial calendar. It is based around the collapse of the Craenate Empire, which once maintained control over most of the continent, and greatly influenced the cultural and geopolitical landscape as it exists today.

The Westenlands Wars Edit

The 6th Century Post-Imperial marked the reign of two major military and economic alliances on either side of the continent - the Lusivakian states to the west, and the Sovereigns' League to the east. The neutral nations laying between them formed a region dubbed the Westenlands (wild lands), with borders constantly fluctuating and regimes rising and falling over the years. As Lusivakia and the League both grew in power and influence, the Westenlands - and the nations inhabiting it - became a point of contention between them, as either sought to gain control over its resident states as leverage against their counterpart. This spurred on a series of proxy-wars, known as the Westenlands Wars, which took up a span of about twenty years (the dates on which they began and ended is up to interpretation by the various countries involved).

Politics Edit

The following nations are located in Altirus, and were involved in the Westenlands Wars:

Notes Edit

  • Altirus and the world in which it's set is analogous to earth as we know it. The flow of history in relation to technology and culture, and how it compares with that of the real world, is arbitrary at best.
  • This setting was specifically designed to be vague, so people could partake without too many narrative restrictions.
  • I never figured anything out about the rest of the world in which Altirus is based.
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