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Akare Skykord[]

The Akare Skykord was Akare's first production vehicle and flagship luxury sedan. The first generation was produced in 1966 and has spanned 3 generations thus far, with the third still in prototype stage.

First Generation[]

First Generation
Hl2 2015-04-18 14-13-59-11.png
Manufacturer Akare
Designer Karbine
Class Luxury Sedan
Production 2007
Production, Lore 1966

Weight n/a
Layout FR
Suspension/Chassis type
Powerplant Thruster, simulated 3L L6, 200bhp
Drivetrain 4 Speed thruster gearbox
0-60 n/a
Top Speed 70mph
Prop count 89
Network usage n/a

The first generation Skykord was put into production in 1966 (2007) as a large, luxury sedan. It was a massive car and exceptionally advanced for its time, utilizing early Wiremod's logic gates for a "geared" thruster transmission to provide a realistic acceleration and top speed (for the time). The car was set up to simulate the performance of a 3 liter inline six providing around 200 bhp. The car could reach 70 mph, a high speed for this era. The Skykord was comprised of all-physical vanilla props with a weld-based solid axle suspension. Steering was performed by thrusters, the front wheels did not actually steer.

Second Generation[]

Second Generation
Hl2 2015-04-18 19-00-53-15.png
Manufacturer Akare
Designer Karbine
Class Sports Coupe
Production 2008, 2014
Production, Lore 1970, 2014

Weight 1529kg
Layout FR
Suspension/Chassis 4 wheel independent, onboard slave steering
Powerplant 4.8L L6, 316 bhp (Restored)
Drivetrain 4 speed manual (Restored)
0-60 5.5s
Top Speed 110mph (Restored)
Prop count 97
Network usage 400-600in

In 1970 (2008) the Skykord was changed to a luxury coupe and not offered as a sedan. The car was a completely new design of chassis and propulsion, it was Akare's first ever vehicle that featured elastic wishbone suspension with steering. It was also changed from pure thruster power to a hybrid between wheel torque and a thruster gearbox. However, the car was plagued by understeer and poor handling. After this generation the Skykord went into hiatus until its return in 2011 (2011).


In 2014, Akare restored a single example of an original Skykord Coupe, giving it new life with the addition of a 316bhp 4.8L inline six provided from acf mated to a 4 speed manual transmission. The original chassis, steering and suspension was retained while the body was completely parented, versus the completely physical previous version, and the addition of spherical wheels. This "new" Skykord could scramble to 60mph in less than 6 seconds and reach a top speed of 110mph.

Third Generation[]

Third Generation
Hl2 2015-04-18 16-58-35-16.png
Manufacturer Akare
Designer Karbine
Class Luxury Sedan
Production 2011-
Production, Lore 2011-

Weight 1720kg
Layout Front engine, AWD
Suspension/Chassis 4 wheel independent with geometry
Powerplant 9.2L V12 Diesel, 434bhp, 684 ft lb
Drivetrain 7 speed automatic
0-60 2.8s
Top Speed 140mph
Prop count 295
Network usage n/a

After a hiatus from 1970, Akare picked up the Skykord name once again, this time returning as a luxury sedan. Due to other projects, the third generation's development was quite slow, with an inital bodywork model set up in early 2011, and a running prototype in 2014. The new Skykord featured a highly detailed body and interior, as well as a very complex suspension that inevitably not able to cope with Advanced Duplicator 2, so a complete redesign is under way. The new Skykord is powered by a 9.2L diesel V12, producing 434hp and 684 ft lb of torque coupled to a 7 speed automatic, AWD drivetrain. The running prototype was able to achieve 60mph in under 3 seconds and a top speed of 140mph.