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Athag Badge.png

ATHAG Army []

A small thailand mercernary , Lead by Jama


1st Infantry Support Tank Korp

2nd Heavy Tanker Korp

3rd Light Engage Unit (Fast Tank)

4th Commander Unit (Suppile)

5th Snow Company

67th United Infantry Assault (UIA)

88th Gyrocopter


ATHAG is founded in 1989 After second world war.Jama and secret person had collect his man and fought with Fever in Their land.The war is continue untill 2000 they all forgotten.After Civil war Koonparin had Build a new company with Jama old leader in Elder ATHAG After that they changed all their tactic with tank.All the first model tank in civil war is useless for the real fight with bandit . They builded a better tank and Claimed their honour.But they forgot the 1st korp that fought with them in Civil war on Fever side.1st Tank Korp began to start the attack in 2001 but they got defeat because their tank is useless to New product of ATHAG tank the 1st Tank Korp decided to join ATHAG after they lose the war

Tank and Aircraft that used in Civil war[]

1.GV 006