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AH-4D 'Broadsword'
2015-08-22 00006.jpg
Designer Stalker Inc.
Role Ground attack
Weight 8 tonnes
Armor 5 - 25 mm
Armament 4x 80mm rocket launcher

1x 20mm autocannon


Until the introduction of the AH-4 series, Stalker Inc. had relied on modified versions of externally designed and produced helicopters for air support. The AH-4 broadsword is an attempt to combine the favourable traits of all its predecessors in one superior vehicle. It features a coaxial rotor system, powered by two gas-turbine engines. Its main armament consists of a 20mm chin mounted autocannon, firing high-explosive fragmentation rounds to counter infantry and soft targets. Hardpoints below its winglets allow it to carry a great variety of weapons, ranging from heat seaking air-to-air missiles to folding fin rocket launchers. The AH-4D comes equipped with 4 80mm rocket launchers by default. Earlier iterations of the helicopter (A-C) gradually had this armament added to them until the D-variant was finally accepted into the ranks of Stalker Inc.'s private military force and deployed in combat.



  • Excellent manoeuvrability. Can perform a variety of manoeuvres without the risk of a stall or getting trapped in a vortex.
  • Advanced optics allow the 20mm autocannon to be used with sniper-like precision.


  • Weak armour, just enough to counter small arms fire.