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Welcome to the ACF-Vehicles Wiki[]

The showcase-wiki for all your ACF creations, cars, trucks, tanks, airplanes, helicopters etc. 


The wiki is mainly created for showcasing your ACF contraptions such as tanks, cars, boats, airplanes and so forth.


Q: How do I add stuff after I've read the rest of the FAQ and the rules?

A: By reading the Editor's Guide!

Q: What game is this?

A: Garry's Mod, A highly popular and cheap sandbox game.

Q: What is ACF?

A: ACF is a mod for Garry's mod. It's a complex system that allows users to create cars and tanks and any other engine powered contraption. You can download it here

Q: Where can I find the ACF discussion page?

A: On Facepunch here

I, (JakeCake) am NOT the creator of ACF. So don't add me for any technical questions related to it. For any questions regarding this Wiki, you can add me here

General Rules

  1. Do not post any unrelated content (such as posting information about Call of duty.)
  2. Do not edit other's pages without good clarification.
  3. Do not vandalize any pages.
  4. You are free to post any contraptions that YOU made, if you decide to post contraptions from other people, ask their permission first!
  5. You do NOT have to post ACF stuff only, if you wish to just post general cars made with no ACF items in them, you are free to do so.

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